God is our Refuge

Some of the Elders of the BFC Elderly Care Program

Psalm 71:7 ” I have become a portent to many; but you are my refuge and my strength

For many, as you speak to your friends, loved ones and even those in whom you meet, you have a message that is relevant for our current era and circumstances. And, so you find this important to discuss what is on your heart because you are honoring the command to love Thy neighbor. Portent in this context gives meaning, or importance to what you have to say. And The Holy Spirit may even be using you and revealing to you, yet always remember this, you are not God and most likely your message is not unique. Always, always know that God is your refuge, God is your strength and stay away from self reliance or self importance. For in truth, God can use anyone to deliver a message even the greatest sinner has message for us, do NOT follow my ways. God is God and that is that and we are but disciples and followers. Stay right sized in all you do.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord please use me mightily if it is Thy will, but Lord help me to stay right sized knowing you are God and I am not. Father help me to carry your message of love, always giving you and you alone the glory. Forgive me for my haughtiness and arrogance. Help me to be more and more useful to you and others through Thy Love. Amen!!! “

Be Not Afraid

Children at Asapalli learning new Worship Songs at October VBS

Psalm 3:6 ” I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me “

Sometimes in the face of persecution, adversity and difficulty you must preserver and do what the Lord has called you to do. And so deepen your Holy Listening and move forward regardless of the opposition. It may be great, and this may be the test that Lord is seeking to see and test your fortitude. In other words, how dedicated are you to the cause of Kingdom building, of loving others regardless of their sin? Remember, in your worst days the Lord loved you as much as He loves you today. So who are you not to love those sickest, sinners around you. For we all fall short of His glory and He loves you just as you are, were and shall always be. Sure it might be difficult, maybe the task at hand will stretch your faith, spend your money and cause fear. But remember God did not give you that fear for He has given you a spirit of love, power and sound mind. So forge ahead and serve the Lord out of love, kindness and peace. knowing that no matter where you are He is with you for you are made in His nature. That is the

Mid-Week Prayer: ” You know Lord I struggle with loving others regardless of who they are, what they have done and who they are now. Yet I know deep down in us all is the truth that we are all made in Thine Image. Oh Lord help me to overcome this world knowing that I am to live in this world and not to be of this world. Lord Help me to love others. Amen”

Unity of the Spirit

Children at Asapalli in Assam, India coming together in Worship at VBS

Ephesians 4:1-4 ” The calling with which you have been called with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing forbearance to one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. For there is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all through all in all.

There is a lot to unpack, but what we can understand is the oneness, the unity of the spirit in us all. It is the egoity that caused the idea that we are separate; yet in God we are all one, in His spirit we are one. To increase this knowing is the key through deep meditation in Christ. In the silence of His love, His peace we grow in unity and understanding. This can not be realized through worship but through devotion and solitude. Examine the time you are alone in Christ and the time you spend in prayer, reflection, repentance and mediation. Always remember you are now, have always been and shall always be made in the divine image of He who presides over us all. And in that nature you are free, you one in God.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord I seek greater understanding of this theme of oneness in Thee. I sometimes wonder if I ever understand the level of peace, of joy , of kindness that is in Thee and in me. Lord I tend to identify with the shallowness of my self and what I perceive through me fine senses. Lord help me to go deeper. Father help me to see Thee in all and to experience Thee in all. Amen!!”

New Beginnings

Isaiah 43:18 ” Forget all that, do not ponder the things of the past. Behold, I am trying to do a new thing. Can you not perceive it as it springs forth. I will make a way in the wilderness. I will make a river in the desert. “

The Lord is trying to make new in your life. Why do you hold unto the past? Can you not perceive the newness of His Spirit? Today, the Lord is opening doors for you that have been shut. Can you understand? Stop dwelling on the past. Let it go. You are forgiven. The past is gone. Let not your past troubles effect your current events. Perhaps you have suffered set backs and believe your future is filled with continued failure. Do not believe the lie. If God is for you than expect, hope that your future is filled with possibilities. Begin to perceive the truth and step into a bright and joy filled future. It is a new year, new beginnings, and good things are on the horizon. Claim this as truth, own this fact and move in faith.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord release me from my negative mind set and help me to perceive your blessings. Thank you that I do not receive what I deserve, but rather am free through Thy Grace. Thank you that Thy will is done and Thy grace fulfilled. Help me to help myself, show me Thy ways and help me to be the overcomer that I am in Thee. Amen!! “

Be Imitators of Christ

Ephesians 5:1-2 ” Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children and walk in love, just a Christ loves you, and gave Himself up for you as an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma. “

Why is it that so many believe they can not be like Christ? Aftercall, each of us are made in His image. We have born within us this and these attributes. What is needed is to first trust in this truth and then to improve our knowing of this truth. It is reality to come into a personal relationship w/ Christ and learn to imitate Jesus. In every area of our lives, even when it causes uncomfortability. And so can you do this? Be an imitator of Christ. Love is His key attribute, forgiveness and a welcoming spirit. Can you do this. May the love of God and the fellowship of man be ever with you. So walk in love, in the grocery store, when you are pumping gas, at the school board meeting. Christ is opening up opportunities for you to ” Love Thy Neighbor. ” Be prepared to serve, be on the alert and be ready. You can do this, the ability for you to serve in Love is in you.

Mid-Week Prayer, ” Many times you have opened doors, showed me the way and I have ignored you, feared the unknown and have not done what you have asked. Forgive my dis-obedient nature. Lord teach me and show me how I may be of better service to Thee and those around me. Amen.

The Lord Commanding you to be Strong & Courageous

We celebrate a season preparing our hearts and minds to receive the Lord and so we wish for you a Merry Christmas Season

Joshua 1:9 ” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous!! Be not afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

My friend, it is so easy to identify your life circumstances in the natural state. And in this state we so often see with our natural eyes such difficulty and misery this side of heaven. And we identify with our feelings instead of truth. The Lord is seeking for you to put on the mind of Christ, to grow in a spiritual understanding that your life is so much more than your circumstances or the difficulties you are experiencing. In other words, the Lord is saying here, understand that you are and shall always be made in my image, my divine image. In that state you are already whole, you already have joy, love, consideration, peace and patience. All that is needed is for you to increase this knowing. For God right now cannot be any more closer to you than He is for He is Omnipresence. So learn this truth and in this stillness know I am God, Psalm 46:10. Know that my word is truth and grow in my principles. This is what the spirit is saying to us. And so He is asking you to be strong, not to fear, to stand out and be bold. For if God be for you who can be against you? No one!!! You are His divine child, made in His image. You are part of His royal family. Grow in this understanding and grow in loving others!!! Celebrate the birth of Christ within!!! Put on the Christ Consciousness. Merry Christmas!!! Get your fire back and spread the Love of Christ.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord so often I start my day too quickly and am not centered in who I am in you and I am identifying with what my life circumstances are at the moment. Yet Lord I know there is so much more to this love yet I am stuck so often in self. Lord help me to overcome my self-reliance and be reliant on the Christ within. Lord please increase my knowing. Help me to remember that I am made in Thine image and have those attributes with in me. Lord help me.!! Amen!!! “

Declare Victory

The Beauty of the Rift Valley of Kenya December 2021

Psalm 20:4 & 5 ” May He grant you your heart’s desire!! And fulfill all your counsel!! We will sing for joy over your victory!! And in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord grant all your petitions. “

For some of us it is time to rise out of our ashes and declare our victory!!! It is an appointed time to rise up my people and sing Halleluiah. It is your time to declare the glory of your God, the God of your understanding. The great God that has gone before you and given you your victory. Now friend, rise up and declare your victory!!! The Lord has opened a door, He has given you a spirit of Love, of resurrection power. Now claim this victory that is now yours. The enemy has tried to steal your testimony, your joy and your victory, yet stand up and declare what a great God you serve. Declare what God has done for you and speak to others of His love, His kindnesses and His fulfillments of your hearts desire!! Friend do not miss your appointed time. Go forth and declare your victory!!! Amen!!

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Today is the day you have made Oh Lord!! Help me to rejoice in Thee, regardless of my circumstances. Lord the quiet before the storm may be upon me , but you are my savior, my redeemer and my way maker!! Lord help me to never forget how far you have brought me, the doors you have opened and the protection provided. Lord help me to be ever grateful!!! Amen!! “

Self-Reliance the way of Destruction

Psalm 49:12 ” Such is the way of those who foolishly trust in themselves, and in the end of those who delight in their own words. “

For many of us depend on ourselves to, ” make it happen.” We have an idea of God, of Jesus and even pray for our own ends. But in many cases we know better than God. We struggle in anxiety, in fear and move forward in a deceived mind set. And yes we even experience some success, yet are plagued with struggles. And so the word tells us to Trust in the Lord with all our hearts, all our minds and all our souls. That we not lean on our own understanding. That He will make our crooked paths straight!!! In self-reliance we say maybe for some, but I am in control and I know best.

So the question remains. When are you going to let go and allow God to rule ALL areas of your life? You have said my life is not my own. Yet here you are controlling, fearing with anxiety every day. Which is it, God either is or He is not? It is your choice.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord, Lord, Lord I struggle with my self more than any other problem in my life. I seek Thee yet continue on in self. In times self-destruction. Help me to be the overcomer that I am in Thee. Help me to cast aside my self for a life surrendered in Thee. Thy will be done. Lord help me to Love Thee, Love others and to Love Thee in me. Amen!

Cast all your Burdens on the Lord

Pray for the Elders Program that BFC serves in Kenya

Psalm 55:22 ” Cast Thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee.

Isaiah 26:3 ” Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. “

We are reminded through pastor Spurgeon’s writings to stay w/ Christ. Often we are tempted to play God and fall back into self-reliance when difficulties arise as they surely will. We are reminded that God is in control. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Our limited human perspective can not envision the greater plan for our lives and so we try to hang on for that which God is about to remove. Remember friends, our work is to glorify God not ourselves. If you are losing something that you felt you had build up through the years and its now falling apart, perhaps it is time to let go. Always remember, stay close, pray in the spirit and allow the presence of God to work through you.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord you have been with me and shown me all the way that you are in charge, and yet here I am again trying to run my life. Yet I am reminded that you and only you are truly in control. Thank you Lord for your message tonight and your care. Lord there is none like Thee. Oh Lord I thank you!! Amen “

Rely on the Lord

VBS at Asapalli October 2022 Children learning a new Praise Song

Psalm 16:1 ” Protect me Oh God for I take refuge in you. I have said to the Lord, ” You are my Lord, my good above all other.

Do you reach out to God for help, for protection, for peace? Much of the time we rely on our selves, on self-reliance. We rely on our finite selves instead of our infinite creator. And yet, he stands before us with His hands open and heart towards us saying, ” Here I am, I will take your burdens, lay them before me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. ” Can you perceive Him right now before you? He loves you and yearns for you to turn back towards Him. Allow Him to open your doors. Allow Christ to make your paths straight. He is the nearest of the near and the dearest of the dear!! Come home!! Come Home and take rest!!!

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord much of my burden is manufactured in my mind. Lord what I perceive to be so real is nothing but lies. Yes Lord my mind has once again become deceived. Lord cleanse my mind and soften my heart to come to understand you and only you. Oh God, help me to overcome and be Thou my beloved. Amen!! “