Have you lost your connection

Song of Solomon 3:1 ” I sought him but did not find Him. I must seek Him who my soul loves….Have you seen Him whom my soul loves?”

        My Dear friend we all lose our “connection” to the Lord. It is vital to reconnect as soon as possible. Perhaps there is sin that has yet to be confessed and cleansed that is cutting you off from the spirit. Is there an illusion in your mind that you are not good enough for God. Remember Christ cares for each sheep that has gone  astray. Are you reading the scriptures?  If not study and seek answers and you will be connected. The bible is the living breathing word of God. 

Christ is your dearest friend. How is it that you lost connection. Is it the world and the works there of ? The business of the world will choke out the Holy spirit. My friend remember your life is not your own. You have put on the new Self which is in Christ Jesus. Your life is His. Relax and let Him in control.

Daily Prayer: ” Lord I forget that my life is not my own. Forgive me. I forget that the I in me is now that I in you and I anxiously seek to take back control. O master forgive me. More of Thee and less of me. That I go deeper in Thee and let go of this world. O Lord I thank you for your reminder.”

Your sin is forgotten

Hebrews 4: 15&16 ” For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, But One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, That we may receive  mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

           Dear friend you worship a King that understands your sin nature and the ravages there of. Therefore, go to His throne for there is no sin unforgivable, mercy is available to you. You need to, on bended knee, go before the Throne of Grace and seek forgiveness. For there is no reason to carry your burden. It is this burden that holds you back, weighs you down and keeps you anchored in the “things” of this world. My friend this world is not yours but rather a play ground to teach us to come home to our true place in God. Go then to His Throne and cry out and confess that which burdens Thee. AND be forever free.!!!!!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Lord I thank you that you understand the wicked condition of this world. O Lord of Lords I thank you that you have given me a way out of this sin through you and only you!!! Lord I confess that I have sinned and have fallen short of Thy Glory!! O Forgive me my master and render me white as snow. Remember NOT the sin I commit as I am a saint saved from sin through Thy Mercy and Grace, that you remember NONE!!!!Amen!!!”

The Lamb of God

Revelation 14:1 ” And I looked and behold the Lamb was standing on Mount Zion.”

                     Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Christ redeems Thee from ravages of sin in this world. Christ is still the answer in removing your sin. In America many have forgotten, through pluralism, that Christ is the head of the church. There may be many paths, however none remove sin and open the door of heaven to you. It is the redemption through the shed blood of Christ that renders you white as snow. “Though your sin be like scarlet it shall be as white as snow.” Behold believe in Christ and you are cleansed.

Daily Prayer: ” Today O Lord thank you for the basis of your message: ” That you take away the sin of the world.” O Lord teach me to abide in Thee more and to overcome this world. Father forgive my attachment to the things of this world. Show me the path of the over comer in Thee. Not mine but Thine be done.”

The Lord is with Thee

Isaiah 41:10-14″ Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be worried about your life, for I am your God…….Do not fear I will help you!!!”

       I will help Thee!!! This is the same God that shed His blood for you. The same God that takes away the sin of the world!!! Now our God is telling us not to be afraid for He is with us, protecting us and directing our paths. Do we not believe? Why do we hold back? Do you have plans that you are not moving forward with because you are afraid? Press in my friend and make it happen as God is opening a door that no man can close. It may seem impossible in the natural yet exercise your faith and watch what happens. God will meet you at the desires of your heart. If you are obedient to Him, His word and His ways!!

Daily Prayer: ” O Lord I thank Thee that you are the director of my life, that you are opening  doors that are the desires of my heart. That through you I have a testimony of what you can do with  a sinner like me. Just like Moses, David and our brother Paul you use people who were broken, criminals, sinners to accomplish your purposes. Use me and show me the way to accomplish through me your will. AMEN!!!!

You are Christs

1 Corinthians 3:23 ” And you belong to Christ and Christ to God”

           You have been adopted into the Kingdom through your decision to seek Jesus. Yes remember this fact. God has shed His blood for you. This is a personal relationship you develop through seeking Him in all you do. My friends go deeper in your relationship with Christ and seek Him all!!! All for Jesus!!! All for Christ!! You are forever protected. praise God. Lift up your arms in praise. Shout this from the  roof top. The Lord is now, was and shall always be your firm foundation that is built upon this rock!!! Say I am Christs!!!

Daily prayer: ” Lord forgive my forgetfulness that I am yours and you are mine. I get caught up in the world here and forget the truth. Forgive my blindness and take me deeper into Thee. You you and only you. O Lord may I desire only you, to love you and love others. May my life be a reflection of what you would will for my life. Forgive my selfishness. Amen”

Dig Deeper

Luke 8:13″ And those on rocky soil are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no firm root; they believe for a while yet in time of temptation fall away.”

Receive this Thy word from God and examine yourself. As the word of God is implanting in you do you respond deep down? Or Do you doubt the word and cast it aside? Ask the Lord to plough and make your soil fertile so you can accept the word of God: You are made in His image. You have within you the ability to rise up above your current circumstances and be of use to the Kingdom of God. Stop trying to fulfill your selfish desires rooted in sin. You are wasting time identifying with your circumstances  working out through your salvation the ability to change. You must go within and understand that the God of the most high is in you as your soul as the define image. Go deeper, ask the Lord to til your soil and get going!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Lord of Lords forgive my crusty heart that causes me not to believe and truly understand that I can overcome my circumstances. O Lord O Lord remove the doubt from me and help me to take a firm root of Thy truth. O Lord forgive my unbelief. Amen!”

Your future is a Crown

2 Timothy 7 & 8 ” I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept my faith. In the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me but to all that have loved His appearing.”

     Do not doubt as to your future, where you will be and in what state.  Oh my Christian what a glorious thought. You are, and shall always be given the keys to the Kingdom. There is a crown for only your head, a throne only for you. You have confessed that Christ is your Lord, you have repented of the curse that plagued you. Therefore, know you are coming home. No one else shall have your portion. It has been laid up for Thee!! For there are no vacant thrones in glory when all the chosen are gathered.

Daily Prayer: ” O Lord of Lords I await my true home in joyous anticipation!!!! O what a glorious day it shall be!! Until then I shall seek Thee more deeply and work for Thy Kingdom building through loving Thee and Thy Neighbor. O Lord Thy will be done. That I pour my heart onto Thy alter of peace, of joy and love. To Thine own self may I be true . May you use me more and more as I renounce self and take on Thee. Amen!!!