Grieve not the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 4:30 ” And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

         The Holy Spirit is alive within you!!! The Holy Spirit has entered upon you when you called out to Christ in forgiveness. Therefore, He that is within you doeth the works. You are abiding in Christ. Christ in you is alive and working on behalf of God. Why then would you do acts that cause sorrow to the Lord? Why do you still have habitual sin? Did you not confess, did you not know that God sees all? How can the branch be part of the vine without the sap? Your works must be grounded in kingdom building lest you grieve the Holy Spirit. Let no project, no gathering nor an enterprise begin without the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Open your heart to Thine and be true to Thyself: ” To Thine own self be true.”

Daily Prayer: ” Lord O Lord I have forgotten that Thy Spirit dwells within me. I have sinned thinking you did not know and no one knew. Yet you see all things. O Lord forgive my disobedience. Show me the way to be your faithful follower. Let my life not grieve Thy Holy Spirit within me. To Thine own self be true. O Lord Forgive my unbelief.”  

To God be the Glory

Romans 11:36 ” For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the Glory Forever.”

              To Him be the glory should be the single most desire in every believers heart. Everything else must be secondary to Glorifying God in our lives. ” To Him be the Glory forever.” When someone says,” Great job with this or that, you really inspired me with that writing or what you said”; then instantly we must give God the Glory and in fact verbally tell the person confiding in us that it is God that we Glorify not man. And this is so because it is self as ego always lurking for credit or to be recognized. No no we must renounce this tendency and always give it all to God. For our lives are a demonstration upon the power of God to transform as into His likeness and to be more like Him or as Him. And so we give God the Glory and we glorify Him in all we do. 

Daily Prayer:” O Lord O Lord I thank you for all you have done to me and for me. May I give you the Glory in all my circumstances. You know my heart. Cleanse my heart, my essence for seeking glory or in taking credit for what you have done in me. O Lord forgive my self and remove from me the tendency to seek recognition in any of my work. Please allow my life to  glorify you in all I do. O that man should glorify me, how pitiful an existence. Amen.”

The Lord is your All

Lamentations 3:4 ” The Lord is my portion saith my soul. Therefore, I have hope in Him”

            It is not that the Lord is partly my portion, nor does this say The Lord is in my portion, but He Himself makes up the sum of who I am at my soul. Although, I  may struggle with sin, a health related issue, an emotional crisis etc.; that is NOT my  lot. It is my  soul that is made in the Divine nature and it is the soul that is all of the Lords. The Lord is my  all sufficient portion. 

Let us rejoice always in the Lord. Let us show the world that we are ever joyful, and a blessed people. Let us walk in love always. This sets us apart from the world as we work out our Lord’s command. Then those around you will exclaim, ” We will go with you, for we have heard that your God is with you, that through you He loves others. “

Daily Prayer: ” Lord today is the day to rejoice in Thee!!! Today is all I have to serve Thee in all I do. Lord Oh Lord I thank you so much for all you do. Lord as I repent I thank you for the forgiveness that you give through your mercy and grace. Lord help me to express from my soul and not my self. Help me to learn to walk more in love and less in self. Father to Thine be the Glory. In Thee shall I succeed.Amen!!”

We are the Lord’s People

Deuteronomy 32:9 ” The Lord’s portion is His people.”

       If you are a follower of Christ then your life is NOT your own. You have been bought by a price. Christ has chose you through the foundation of the world to call you his own. He has poured out Himself for the salvation of the world. Do you understand the significance of this truth?  Your life is not your own as you truly have been bought by the price of Christ’s life. Now rejoice for this is why you are set apart, protected, redeemed, part of the royal priesthood. Rejoice!!! Rejoice !!! Get on fire for your life is not your own!!!!! Praise Him!!! Praise Him!!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Lord O Lord I  Thank you that I am sanctified in you. That you have taken away the sin of the world through your one act on the cross. Lord I thank you and praise your Holy name on High!!!  My life is not my own!!! Thank you!!Amen”

Never Lose Heart

Luke 18:1 ” Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart.”

           In this world there lurks a darkness that saps your zeal for the Lord!!! Jesus is asking you to stay connected to the Kingdom through prayer. Be encouraged my friends: Jesus is as much active today as He was when He walked this earth, but now more. Christ has given us the Holy Spirit that is active in billions in this realm/ Therefore, do not lose heart, rather stay in prayer and know that there are brothers and sisters around every corner that love you, that need you and are actively seeking fellowship with believers. Reach out and bless someone today!!! The kingdom of God needs you!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Today is the day the Lord has made may I rejoice in Thee on this day. For it is Thy spirit that makes me glad, that causes me to be a overcomer and shows me the Light unto my feet and lamp unto my path. It is you and only you that can make my crooked paths straight, therefore I will honor Thee, I will praise Thee and I will love as you have commanded in all ways. May I ever be in Thy presence through Thy mercy and grace. Amen!!!!”

God our Refuge

Deuteronomy 33:27 : Eternal God is our dwelling place…….

Refuge or Dwelling place can be translated into “abiding place” OR eternal home. This is a place of security, of safety. A place you go for protection. A confident place that is eternal. You feel safe here. AND so the Lord tells us that we are as He is made in the divine image of God. Therefore, we must go deeper to abide in this place in which the Kingdom of God is, was and shall always be. This place is beyond the mundane of this realm, deeper than your thoughts. This place is pure, true and shall always be. This is the God within you as Christ said, ” The Kingdom of God is neither here nor there but rather within you, in your midst. Abide my friend and never stop!!

Daily Prayer: ” May the I in you be the I in me and as the son goth to the Father may I and you be one. Oh Lord help me to overcome the great illusion that I am separate from Thee. Lord brighten my way that I may work more for you and less and less for me. I love you!!! Amen”