Christ the King

Psalm 45:2 ” Thou art fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Thy lips; therefore God has blessed Thee forever.”

              The psalmist is describing our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ perfection!!! The King of kings, the Lord of Lords!!! Indeed God incarnate in the man of Christ to be savior of this time, this era!!! O lord you have anointed Thee with the sweetest scent of perfume, the most beautiful sun rise can not compare Thee. O Lord of Lord the deepest love a mother has for her new-born is no comparison of Thy love for Thy beloved. Thy Power, Thy Grace, Thy justice , Thy Tenderness, Thy Truth, Thy Majesty, are woven in this man of perfection that these words can not describe. Let us  cast all upon the altar of His Divine Forgiveness and know by knowing that we are but vessels to be used to bring others love, the joy of the Lord and forgiveness through His ever-present grace and tender mercy. 

Daily Prayer:” O Lord King of Kings, Lord of Lord Forgive me for continuing to take control of this life that is not mine but Thine. I have given Thee my life through surrender yet somehow believe I am in control. Forgive my unforgiving self and refine  me in the fire of Thy Grace. O Lord burn away from the illusion that this is my life. O Divine master help me to unfold in the truth of Thee and only Thee. Amen!!!”


Do not Hesitate

Mark 1:18 ” Straight away they forsook their nets, and followed Him”

Jesus said: ” I will make you fishers of men…..”

                       Over and over again the Still Small voice speaks to you, to your soul yet you ignore the calling. You ignore the calling because you lack belief, you lack a deeper understanding that still small voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit. God is seeking to use you in your own special way in which you were made. But you must ” Be still and know I am God”, in order to hear this voice of the most High. This is an inner calling that is pressing down, seeking to use you. “Believe in me and I in you Christ has commanded that I have gone on to the Father and have sent the Great Counselor to carry out my dispensation in this era”.  Press in my friends and BELIEVE!!!!

Daily prayer: ” Lord forgive my busyness  that separates me from Thee. Forgive my unbelief that you would not use me as your son or daughter!! Lord show me the path of righteousness that brings me into conformity of Thy will. O Lord use me in this Great dispensation of Thy Spirit. O Lord may I fulfill Thy will. Amen”

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:4 ” And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost”

               Brothers and Sisters do you witness the presence of the Holy Spirit in you and around you?  In John 14 Christ tells us that He has gone to the Father so that the Great Counselor can be sent. Therefore, His  presence through the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, all in all and forever and ever and every where. When you surrendered and became born again, when you made that decision the Holy Spirit descended upon you. You cannot get any closer to God, to the Kingdom of God than you are now. You simply must know by knowing who you are in Christ as this new creation. You are not a sinner, you are a saint. Grow in the truth, in the knowledge of  who you are in Christ through the presence of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  

Daily Prayer: Today I acknowledge that I have been lacking in knowledge of the truth, that I have identified with the mundane instead of the truth. That in Thee I am and shall always be filled with joy, love, peace, patience and a faithfulness that is the fruit of Thy Spirit. O thank you that you are cleansing me of the dross that is burnt on the alter of Thy Grace and Mercy.”

What God opens No Man closes

Revelation 3: 7 & 8 ” He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no ones shuts, and who shuts and no one opens say this: I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and I have kept My word, and you have not denied My name.”

              Have you been obedient to what the Lord has sought through you to do? Do you understand His commands, mainly: To Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul and to love Thy Neighbor as Thyself? Remember that as you so claim Christ, share His word so shall He open doors in your life that no man can close.  God will protect you in a way that no natural man can, and circumstances will unfold that direct your paths straight. God is protecting you and making your paths straight. An open door has occurred and you must walk through it. Do not deny the still small voice and move forward.

Daily prayer” ” Daily Lord I seek Thee. Lord I have lacked the obedience and tried to satisfy the desires of self.  I have denied you, and I suffered loss. O Lord my redeemer, you have forgiven me and have given me another plan. O Divine Master may I forever follow Thy ways and commit my self to Thee. Lord thank you for your forgiveness, thank you that I forgive all others and walk in that forgiveness for I am but a mere mortal, although made in Thine image, I sin in my morality and against Thee. O Lord I bow down to Thee in humility and service. Amen”

What are the Desires of your Heart

Psalm 37:4 ” Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.”

                        To delight is to be joyful. A sheer sign of the Holy Spirit working with in that makes your heart delight, be light. For as you know the Lord carries your burdens, the Lord knows of your concerns, and your inner desires. So be Glad and rejoice for you have a great God that has gone before you, a God that is giving you the desires of your heart. Praise Him!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Today, O Lord I commit my day to Thee!!! Today I give you all my concerns and ask that you  burn them on the alter of Thy Grace. That I delight in You!!! For you are the great god that really knows me.”

Drink of the Fountain of Life

Revelation 22:17 ” And the Spirit and the bride say, ”  Come “, And let the one who hears say, “Come”, And the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

               Dear Friend, of what cost is it to come to the fountain and drink? Perhaps you have followed a teaching that renounces the Lord of Lord and the pride of life blocks you from coming freely? You have run with self so long, knowing your life is empty yet through your pride you are unable to come to the fountain of life? Perhaps you have scoffed, through pride, at Christians that believe in Christ as their Saviour; and now you want to bow down to Christ, yet through stubborn pride can not? You lived a life of agnosticism and laugh at the devotion of those that come freely to the Cross. The Lord calls out to you: ” Come, come and drink freely. Take on my yoke for it is light and I shall sustain thee.” Come and weep at the foot of the cross knowing and resting in His Love. He awaits!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Over and over I weep at my pride that shuts me off from going deeper in Thee. O Lord let me renounce my self and surrender on the altar of Thy love. O Lord let me drink freely from the fountain of everlasting Life. You are and shall always be my true North. O Lord I love Thee.”


Cast all your burdens upon the Lord

Psalm 55:22 ” cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee.”

         Again and again we review this. The idea that through anxiety that I know my life better than the Lord must be smashed. For this self-will, this anxiety leads to grieving the Spirit of God and our hearts growing cold.  The fact is this: I do not know my life better than God. When I begin to make decisions when anxious then sin prevails. The idea that I know my burdens and can fix them has always led to self-destruction and more egotism. Surrender, Surrender and Surrender!!! Give it all to the Lord!!

Daily Prayer: ” So many times I run the show only to commit failure. O Lord show me the way through Thy forgiveness and carry my burdens to Thy altar of peace, forgiveness and protection. O Lord may Thy will be done!!!”