His name is Yahweh

Psalm 83: 18 ” Let them know that You, whose name is Yahweh, You alone are the Most High over all the earth. “

Many of us identify with our current circumstances, our feelings and allow difficulties such us fear, unforgiveness and disappointment to dominate our consciousness, our mind and thoughts. And while life can be difficult at times, and some us a continual struggle, we must learn to lift our eyes, our hearts and minds to know that we serve a Great God that truly rules all heaven and earth. And although, darkness permeates this side of heaven know that He is the creator of Light and Darkness. Grow in an understanding to overcome and remain faithful to your most High God, Yahweh. Tell others of His love and His ways. Be in love with your God and His ways. For it is in His ways that true peace ensues, in His ways that love grows and and in His Light the darkness is dispelled.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord, Lord, Lord much of the time I walk in worldliness, and take on the ways of this world. Help me to grow in the truth of who I am in you and that you help me to overcome this world. For you have asked me to be in the world and not of the this world. Lord help me to overcome. To Thy will may this day be done and may I grow in Thy understanding. Amen “

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