Christ is Risen

Beautiful Pic of the Nile River in South Sudan City of Juba

Luke 24:6 ” He is not here, but He has Risen “

Next week will begin the season of Lent. Let us prepare our hearts, our lives and our prayer lives as we prepare for our sacrifice of 40 days of fasting that our Lord endured. And as you turn within to a deeper level seek ways in which you can celebrate this Easter season. He is not not here but has risen gives us the not only the hope, but the miracle of His resurrection. That the suffering He endured, the power in the resurrection brings to you a new and renewed dedication to love the Lord Thy God with new meaning. Seek, ask and knock how you may grow during this time of Easter tide. He has indeed risen and is alive today. His arms and hands are open to all your burdens and concerns and cares. For Christ is Love.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord help me to learn to grow closer to you by my surrender. Help me and reveal to me the iniquity that continues to separate me from Thee. Help me to release, repent, confess and accept Thy forgiveness as I grow deeper in Thee. Lord help my unbelief and help me to let go of self-sufficiently. Father God help me. Amen!!

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