Conference here in Ndhiwa, Kenya in Homa Bay County


Leaders of the PEFA Church Lake Region


Psalm 111:10 ” The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom; those who act accordingly have a good understanding; His praise endures forever. “

How much differently would some of us act, in our respective lives, if we knew that one day judgement will come upon us when we transition? Some are already experiencing many difficulties as the result of their destructive lives. Many in our societies carry on as if there are no consequences for living a life void of peace. Ignorance, Malice and a Blatant lack of understanding that the Lord rules over all and all answer in time to the Lord; here and in the now or upon their transition. Pray for your society!! Remember the Lord reigns on the just and the unjust. The Lord loves all with equanimity. Yet non of us, not even one, are free to ignore that spiritual laws that govern us. We need not judge but measure the love of Christ as a barometer on how to carry on in one’s life. As we look around at the levels contrary to Christ we can know how Not to act and avoid such misery. Whoa to these types and to those that ignore the truths of these realms to Love Thy Neighbor. All answer at some point for all are responsible for their outcomes. Friend pray for your respective society. Let us never lose our ” fear of the Lord.”

Mid Week Prayer: ” Lord, Lord, Lord help me to grow in my understanding of wisdom that you are the Alpha, the Omega and the ever Great God that governs us all. That all answer to Thee now or in the here after. Lord let me grow in this understanding and fear that You are and will always be the God that presides over us all. Amen!! “

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