The Lord’s Word is the same Today as Yesterday

Our Friends at Asapalli sorting and cleaning rice

November 2022

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Isaiah 40:8 ” The grass withers, the flowers fade But the word of our God stands forever “

You can always count on the word of God, the same today, the same tomorrow and the same forever. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Friend, , our lives can be difficult regardless of our circumstances. Coming into a relationship with Christ allows you to have a best friend that will always be there, never leave you nor forsake you. Jesus loves you as you are now. You do not have to conform to an ideal, just grow in the truth that He is now, was and shall always be here for you. Human relationships will eventually fail you. Even the best marriages will separate in time. Therefore, get acquainted with God and stay in that relationship. Grow in understanding, through Devotion, that God loves you more than any earthly relationship ever will.

Of course we are an advocate for healthy, supportive and nurturing relationships centered in God. But allow your dependence to foster upon the Rock, the North Star, the One that will always be. By reading the word you grow in understanding the favor you have as the result of the relationship: Divine Protection, Divine Provision and Divine Providence. His word is what grounds you in truth. Be ever blessed as you grow in fostering Biblical Studies. Still the #1 book sold on earth.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord help me to overcome my feelings that are not always facts and I seem to be frequently wrong. Help me to study Thy word, As it is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Help me to foster a deeper devotional life and Lord please be my best friend. I love you!! Amen.

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