God is our Refuge

Some of the Elders of the BFC Elderly Care Program

Psalm 71:7 ” I have become a portent to many; but you are my refuge and my strength

For many, as you speak to your friends, loved ones and even those in whom you meet, you have a message that is relevant for our current era and circumstances. And, so you find this important to discuss what is on your heart because you are honoring the command to love Thy neighbor. Portent in this context gives meaning, or importance to what you have to say. And The Holy Spirit may even be using you and revealing to you, yet always remember this, you are not God and most likely your message is not unique. Always, always know that God is your refuge, God is your strength and stay away from self reliance or self importance. For in truth, God can use anyone to deliver a message even the greatest sinner has message for us, do NOT follow my ways. God is God and that is that and we are but disciples and followers. Stay right sized in all you do.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord please use me mightily if it is Thy will, but Lord help me to stay right sized knowing you are God and I am not. Father help me to carry your message of love, always giving you and you alone the glory. Forgive me for my haughtiness and arrogance. Help me to be more and more useful to you and others through Thy Love. Amen!!! “

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