New Beginnings

Isaiah 43:18 ” Forget all that, do not ponder the things of the past. Behold, I am trying to do a new thing. Can you not perceive it as it springs forth. I will make a way in the wilderness. I will make a river in the desert. “

The Lord is trying to make new in your life. Why do you hold unto the past? Can you not perceive the newness of His Spirit? Today, the Lord is opening doors for you that have been shut. Can you understand? Stop dwelling on the past. Let it go. You are forgiven. The past is gone. Let not your past troubles effect your current events. Perhaps you have suffered set backs and believe your future is filled with continued failure. Do not believe the lie. If God is for you than expect, hope that your future is filled with possibilities. Begin to perceive the truth and step into a bright and joy filled future. It is a new year, new beginnings, and good things are on the horizon. Claim this as truth, own this fact and move in faith.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord release me from my negative mind set and help me to perceive your blessings. Thank you that I do not receive what I deserve, but rather am free through Thy Grace. Thank you that Thy will is done and Thy grace fulfilled. Help me to help myself, show me Thy ways and help me to be the overcomer that I am in Thee. Amen!! “

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