Declare Victory

The Beauty of the Rift Valley of Kenya December 2021

Psalm 20:4 & 5 ” May He grant you your heart’s desire!! And fulfill all your counsel!! We will sing for joy over your victory!! And in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord grant all your petitions. “

For some of us it is time to rise out of our ashes and declare our victory!!! It is an appointed time to rise up my people and sing Halleluiah. It is your time to declare the glory of your God, the God of your understanding. The great God that has gone before you and given you your victory. Now friend, rise up and declare your victory!!! The Lord has opened a door, He has given you a spirit of Love, of resurrection power. Now claim this victory that is now yours. The enemy has tried to steal your testimony, your joy and your victory, yet stand up and declare what a great God you serve. Declare what God has done for you and speak to others of His love, His kindnesses and His fulfillments of your hearts desire!! Friend do not miss your appointed time. Go forth and declare your victory!!! Amen!!

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Today is the day you have made Oh Lord!! Help me to rejoice in Thee, regardless of my circumstances. Lord the quiet before the storm may be upon me , but you are my savior, my redeemer and my way maker!! Lord help me to never forget how far you have brought me, the doors you have opened and the protection provided. Lord help me to be ever grateful!!! Amen!! “

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