Rely on the Lord

VBS at Asapalli October 2022 Children learning a new Praise Song

Psalm 16:1 ” Protect me Oh God for I take refuge in you. I have said to the Lord, ” You are my Lord, my good above all other.

Do you reach out to God for help, for protection, for peace? Much of the time we rely on our selves, on self-reliance. We rely on our finite selves instead of our infinite creator. And yet, he stands before us with His hands open and heart towards us saying, ” Here I am, I will take your burdens, lay them before me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. ” Can you perceive Him right now before you? He loves you and yearns for you to turn back towards Him. Allow Him to open your doors. Allow Christ to make your paths straight. He is the nearest of the near and the dearest of the dear!! Come home!! Come Home and take rest!!!

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord much of my burden is manufactured in my mind. Lord what I perceive to be so real is nothing but lies. Yes Lord my mind has once again become deceived. Lord cleanse my mind and soften my heart to come to understand you and only you. Oh God, help me to overcome and be Thou my beloved. Amen!! “

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