You are a Servant of the Most High

Asapalli Children prepare to learn a new song at recent VBS

Psalm 119:135 ” Let your countenance shine upon your servant and teach me your statutes. ”

Another phrase may read, ” Teach me your ways, your boundaries, the way to live in freedom. ” You are a servant of the most High God when you have confessed Christ as your personal savior. A servant is lower than his master and lower than those he or she serves. A master servant may be declared one who serves all. Servant is one who always thinks, and pus others before his or her needs. Are you growing in servanthood? Understanding this truth is but the beginning of a life time journey of growing in humility. Do not stop and always forgive others. Be in the market of allowing others to go before you. For you are serving all. Now do you understand?

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Today is the day you have made, yet I go on and take it for granted, I seek worldliness and put you on the shelf. Lord ignite a fire from the flicker of flame that is within. Help me to grow deeper and deeper in Thy ways. bring me into Thy presence so that I may better serve Thee. Not mine but Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come as in heaven as on earth. O Master may I follow Thee. “

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