Whose name is Yahweh

Children Singing at VBS Asapalli October 2022

Psalm 83:18 ” Let them know that you, whose name is Yahweh, you alone are the Most High over all the earth. “

He is Lord over us all regardless of what the world may seem to you. You may believe God is not in control, yet look at, read the miracles of Christ. This illusion comes to most as we take on this world as real, unending and permanent. Yet, who are and what is the one realm that is, was and shall always be unchanging? Grow in understanding truth and grow in renouncing this world and all the ever changing realm that it is.

Instead , worship the great Elohim. Worship the One, the Love of your Heart, the Christ that is, the Christ that was, the Christ that shall always be. Grow in your devotion in Christ, in the love of God and Christ. Worship the great God of your heart and your divine Image. The One, the only True source of your being. Bow down and repent of your illusional sense self and know peace. And may the God of Light ever shine upon your alter of devotion, and may you be able to awaken all hearts in Thee.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord, Christ, my Lord Jesus, open my heart to shout from the roof tops the love of Thy Spirit and Thy ways. Lord let me NOT just think of my little meaningless life, but rather expand my consciousness to think, and feel for others. Lord help me overcome my self-centered fear, my self-centered ways. Father God help me overcome my selfishness, my self centered meaningless ways. Lord renew my mind. Amen!!”

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