God’s Servants

Asapalli is now part of India’s CBM Food and Medical Distribution Program

Psalm 119:76 ” Let your loving-kindness be my comfort, as you have promised to your servant. “

The Lord’s Loving Kindnesses are yours to comfort you as He has promised. Are you His servant? Are you able to humble your self to serve all. Humility is the touchtone of what the Lord is seeking. This is rooted in the truth of who He is and who really has established all. who are you but a mere human. Established below the angels.

Are you able to say, ” I am the Lord’s and He is the one that has gone before me and makes a way when there is no way. Lord please let me not lean on my own understanding but know that you are the great God that establishes His Kingdom in your own time. Lord, let me be part of Thy works. Lord show me Thy way. Lord be my comfort. I am Thy servant.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord, Lord, Lord over and over I seek Thy ways but stumble with my self-reliance. God help me!! I am no good to Thee or others in my self. Yet my self will not cease. Father help me. Help me overcome this ego driven condition. Let me not rely on self, but Thee. Lord may Thy will be done. Amen!! “

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