Stay in the Ways of the Lord

Psalm 50: 24 ” Whoever offers me the sacrifice of thanksgiving honors me but those who keep in my way I will show the salvation of God. “

The salvation of the Lord is the redeeming grace of being saved from the sting of sin. And so the Lord has offered Himself for the redemption of humankind. We stay close to the Lord through a continual humility of a servant’s way in an understanding that we are His servant, He is our Father and we are here to serve, to love and to pray for His people. We are given this gift freely, choosing this way is the way of true freedom. It is His grace given upon us regardless of who we are or what we have done. For all, in this incarnation, have fallen short or we would not be here in this realm. Grow in love, and in understanding His ways of kindness, of peace and of inner joy. The Lord yearns for all to return to Him and knows the harvest is plenty but the labors few.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord, Lord Lord help me to grow in the understanding of a servant’s attitude. Father God help me to overcome the ego and the self motivation that ignores your lot. Lord teach me Thy ways and bring me into a covering of peace, of love and sanctity. Lord help me to overcome myself. More of Thee and less of me. “

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