Living in Harmony

Psalm 133: 1 ” How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live in Harmony! For harmony is as precious as the anointing oil poured over Aaron’s head. “

Friend are you struggling to get along with others? Do you have peace in your heart? When we can live in harmony with others it brings upon a peace, a cooperation with one another that allows the unity of the Holy Spirit to dwell within. The Lord seeks for us to love one another as He has first loved us. The Lord yearns for you to be reconciled with your brother, your sister and to live in peace. Through fostering a spirit of forgiveness and the ability to turn the other cheek does Christ command begin to come into reality. But I must first walk in forgiveness and overcome the darkness that prevails from vile resentment and bitterness. I must be committed to walk not in the ways of this world but rather the ways of Jesus. Christ always has His hands open to love, to offer reconciliation and peace. Grow in this understanding and overcome the world.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord you have given me and shown me the way of peace and inner joy. Help me to lean not on my own understanding but to allow Thy Spirit to flow through me so that others may come into harmony and I may live in harmony with them. Way Thy love and joy ever express itself through me. Amen!!”

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