The Lord is my Shield

Psalm 119:114 ” You are my refuge and shield, my hope is in your word . “

Always remember that the ways of the world will never bring the true hope that comes through the word of our Lord. Many of us chase the ” things ” of this word falsely believing we will find joy, peace and security. Yet when attained we struggle and realize that only in Christ, in God do we have true hope. For the Lords word shall never return void. The Lord is truly our refuge, our shield and our true hope. In Thee do I pray and seek Thy Love, Thy way and peace. Many a false hope comes from this world and so we learn to overcome and place our hope in the true sustainer, The One that is, was and shall always be: Our Lord!!

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord many times I have been misguided and have placed my hope in the ” things ” of this world or relationships of this world and You have shown me that you and only you are the only true sustainer and lover of my soul. Lord help me as I move forward to place my loyalty, my love and my attention on You. Oh, Divine master you are my true love. Amen!!

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