Commit your way to the Lord

The Rectory of the Holy Comforter Church. BFC begins restoration Sept 3rd. Poughkeepsie, NY. Please Pray for us!

Psalm 37:5 ” Commit your way to the Lord, and put your trust in Him, and He will bring it to pass “

What are you waiting on from the Lord? Have you committed it to the Lord? Now see it coming to pass. The Lord is a way maker. If this is a desire of your heart than wait on the Lord for He will make it come to pass. Timing is everything. It may be difficult to wait, however be patient and see it in your mind’s eye. Let not your heart be troubled rather press in through prayer, hope and patient waiting that it will come to pass. Remember, is this something that requires effort on your part? Then take the necessary action and God will make it come to pass. But remember play your role and move forward. Much of the time, the enemy will bring doubt, fear and lack of trust, but the Lord is commanding you to trust in Him for He will make away when none other can make this come to pass. Be aware of self-reliance, this process of ” making it happen”. Much of the time, the desires of your heart manifest in the physical realm in God’s time. To make it happen can bring failure and set back. So stay close to the Holy Spirit and push when prompted by the Holy Spirit. ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding. “

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord Lord Lord over and over again and again I lack trust and I rely on my own understanding and failure ensues. Thank you for your grace and mercy that brings upon saving me from destruction. Through my self reliance I would destroy my life if not for Thee. Lord help me to grow in discernment and know when to act and when to wait. Lord may Thy will be done as I do all to Love you, Love others and love myself. Lord help me. Amen!!”

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