Are you All in the Lord

Song of Solomon 7:10 ” I am my beloved’s “

If you want and yearn His Glory than you must grow in learning to hear the still small voice, grow in His presence and experience His everlasting peace. He wants all of you. He yearns to envelop you in His love. Have you kept His commands to love Thy Neighbor, to Love Him. Is your heart all in Him or are you still wordily minded. Have you experienced His promises, His covenant and are you with the Lord. It not enough to read the word of God and to know it intellectually. What is needed, to be all in, is realization, knowingness. This only comes through devotion, through communion and through seeking. Come to Him now and allow Him to separate you from the world. Come! Come! He yearns for all of you.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord I ask that you take all of me and reveal to me what causes the separation of not being able to experience you always. You, you and only you. Lord help me to overcome this world. I know this world has NO lasting happiness, yet I am often fooled and taken off Thy path. Lord help me to stay singerly in love with you, you and only you!!! Lord guide my every thought. Amen!!”

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