Love your Neighbor

1 John 3:2b ” For this reason the world does not know us because it did not know Him.”

Friend, what separates you from this world is love, not the love of this world but rather the Love of Jesus within you. You have this because you are born of Jesus. You are born anew, again. This separates you from among the world. Always remember why you are not of this world but rather in this world. Yes, you are to play a role but like a loose glove be ever free from this world. For soon you will be here one day and gone from here after. Therefore, this is not your resting place. However, Jesus does want you to love just as He did. He knows that at times it may be difficult, but learn to love as He did, without condition!!!

Mid-Week Prayer ” Lord, Lord, Lord help me to love others and not judge them but love with no conditions. Lord you know my heart. Mold me and make me Thine own. Free me from my self to love as you do. Let not my heart be troubled!!! Amen.”

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