Love others with Your Deeds

1 John 3:18 ” Little Children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth. “

Friend, give of your self to others. There are many less fortunate right near you now. Reach out and touch some one. God is asking you to love others through your good deeds. His command to Love Thy Neighbor is growing within you. Be ever on the move to serve others through the love in you. Friend, you know this love. An unconditional love that knows no bounds. Many are called but few respond to Christ’s Call to be like Him. Be imitators of Jesus. That is what our world needs, now. He knows your heart cry, He knows your struggles and he knows your obedience to His call, His will. Move forward in love and bless others. They await you.

Mid-Week Prayer: ” Lord over and over I hear the call to press into loving others through reaching out and touching them. Lord let me life be an example for others to follow to glorify you, you and only you. Lord let my good deeds be used to raise others up and to love Thy neighbor. Lord may Thy will be done!!! Amen “

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