Romans 3:28 ” We maintain that a man is justified by his faith apart from works of the Law.

Acts 13:39 ” All that believe are justified”

            You that believe are saved, you are part of the kingdom of God, you are saved and are justified in God by your faith. It is not how long you have been saved, not how many works you have performed, not how much money you have sown into the Kingdom. You are reconciled and justified to God through your faith. The best example of Justification is the thief that was on the cross next to Christ. With his act of committing to Christ He was justified and reconciled before God. THEN!! You are NOT judged by your sin nature, It is remembered NO more. We are accepted, we are beloved, today absolved from the sting of sin and acquitted. There is neither speck, nor spot, nor wrinkle, nor any such thing remaining upon any one believer in the matter of justification in the sight of God, the judge of the earth.

Daily prayer: ” Lord  I praise thee that I am justified through my faith. This is another mystery that I need not explain, but only be forever grateful that you went to that cross for all mankind including me. O Lord I can only bow down to thee in grateful thanks. Amen”


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