What or who are your idols?

Jeremiah 16:16 ” Can man make gods for himself? Yet they are not gods!

                    Idolatry is anything, anyone that is set before you and your Savior. An object of your affection that stands before you and God.  For example. we can examine our thoughts to know what dominates our thinking. Sometimes it is fear. Fear rules throughout our consciousness robbing us of the true joy that is ever present in God. Perhaps your family, a problem child dominates your thoughts and your ways. For many it is the pursuit of education/career.  While we think and believe these idols are good they really are not what is best. Others actually pray to statues or Pictures of saints as if there is some type of mystical power in them. Always remember to “seek yea first the Lord and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” For many it is processes: Yoga exercises, meditation techniques, physical exercise. watch how self manifests as a god in your life and others.

Daily Prayer: ” O Lord, O Lord show me the way to you and only you. May Thy peace of Thy understanding ever be within me as I press into you and only you. Lord help me to love you and only you as you use me to grow within Thy people. Let me not be troubled but know that you are and shall always be with me as me in my heart.” 

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