Your Sin was taken away!!!!

John 19:16″ They took Jesus, and led Him away”

              ” Now we see Jesus brought before the priests and rulers, who pronounce Him guilty. God Himself imputes our sin on Christ : ‘ The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all’; ‘He was made sin for us’ and as a substitute for our guilt, bearing sin upon His shoulders, represented by the cross we see Christ led away. In this final act God through His Son is taking away your sin. My friend, can you feel assured that He carried your sin? As you look upon that cross do you see your sin? Does the cross represent your sin? There is one way by which you can tell whether He carried your sin or not. Have you gotten down upon your knees and confessed your sin? Have you trusted Christ? If so your sin lies not on you, but on the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Jesus bears your sin. He bears it on a load heavier than that cross. Your life is not your own!!! Can you NOT feel it!! Rejoice!!!”

Daily Prayer:” Lord let not the picture vanish till I have rejoiced in my own deliverance. Show me the sin that is NOT  confessed, O Lord remove the gulf from me. Let me adore you and only you upon which all my iniquity lies. O Christ my redeemer, my joy, my deliverer. O Christ words can not describe!!! Amen”

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