Be Born of Spirit

John 3: 5-7 ” ……Unless one is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God……..You must be born again.”

It would be wise to study all of Christ’s words in those few verses. The process of being born of Spirit or born again is commonly referred as ” Being converted.” There is an experience that occurs in one’s consciousness that changes them and the individual is directed through the spirit in a way that produces a ” God-consciousness”.  It is the mystery through Grace that this happens, however it does occur. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open,  seek and you will find. You must ask and seek this from the Lord. And then it is said that one’s regeneration begins. So ” are yea born again?”

Daily Prayer: ” I thank you Lord for your saving grace that has caused this process of being born a new. Now that I am on this direct path help me to grow into this process to completion. Not that I can cause completion, but that I am at least where you intend me to be. Help me!!! Amen!

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