Jesus is His name

Matthew 1:21 ” And she will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for it is He who will save his people from their sin.”

    And his name is The King, the mighty counselor, the prophet, our master, Shiloh, Emmanuel, Wonderful Mighty Warrior from then til now. He is your savior. It is in His name sweeter than honey dripping from its comb. He is your ever-present friend who knows all in all, your every breath and thought. come to Him and bare your burdens and seek a deeper relationship with one that is without end. Your friends, your family members will come and go but it is in the name JESUS  that sticks forever. You came into this world with God and will depart with Christ. Why do you toil so in wasted energy and time of the things of this world. Come home to the place you belong!!!!

Daily prayer: Lord O Lord forgive my lack of devotion as i have been distracted from the “things” of this world. Father help me to overcome this realm through focus on you and only you. more of Thee and less of me. O Lord I thank you. Change no circumstances in my life but change me. O Lord i love Thee dearly.” Amen

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