You will be moving on

Micah 2:10 ” Arise and go forth for this place is not of rest and is not your final place. Because of uncleanness this is a place of destruction.”

                 This is not your home. The Lord is saying to you that you need not become comfortable here, but rather be prepared to move on. In this passage we are not speaking of what might be one day, only that this is not your home. All around you sin is happening, many are nonbelievers, infidels scamp-ling fulfilling their natural desires of the flesh. Many are caught in strong holds of temptation for they have no God in their lives to fight for them. The Lord is pointing out that there is no need to be yoked with these types and for us to understand this is not our home. Be prepared everyday to move on.

Daily prayer: ” Today I will be prepared in my heart to let go of the “things” of this world. Thank you Lord for reminding me that this is not my home. That there is no need to sow into it as if it is everlasting. Lord help me to dwell on what is lovely, what is just and what is right.Amen”

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