Pray Always

Ephesians 6:18 ” With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit….”

                 There are times in our lives when we just do not want to pray. OR we just fail to surrender all in the Lord. Through Paul the Lord is not asking but telling us to pray always. In all circumstances” cry out” to the Lord. Your circumstances whether dire or not “give it up” for the Lord. You have reached out before. You asked the Lord to be saved, you have asked the Lord for provision, you asked the Lord for protection, you have sought the Lord for His Grace, His Mercy, for deliverance from temptation. The Lord has heard your prayers and has delivered them unto you. He will not stop now.  Therefore, seek the Lord in all you do, say and think. Commit it all unto the foot of his cross and surrender all.

Daily Prayer: ” Lord O Lord help me to go deeper in Thee. Let me commit all my life to Thee. In Thee I do surrender. More of you and less of me. May Thy will be done. May Thy ways be my ways and may I love others as you have called me to. Lord I fall so short of Thy Glory, yet help me to  be the man or woman you wilt for my life. Amen!!”

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