Sing to the Lord a new song

Psalm: ” They shall sing in the ways of the Lord; for the glory of the lord is Great!!! The Lord cares for the humble, but keeps away from the proud. You will be protected from your enemies.”

              Your sins have been lifted and remembered not!!! Those that you have cast down at the foot of His cross are gone. Your burden has been lifted!!! Sing a new song!! Rejoice always says the Lord Rejoice!! The Lord is telling us that” I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have blotted out your transgression and a thick cloud of sins shall not be mentioned against Thee again.” Oh to be free from the burden of sin. To walk in true freedom knowing that the curse is gone. Lift up Thine arms to heaven and shout for joy!!!

Daily Prayer: ” Lord I love you. With all my heart, my soul and mind I love you. I thank you that you given me true freedom and that I do not have to carry the burdens of past sin. O Lord O Lord you are my true teacher, my true love, my one and only. May I forever grow in Thee. Amen”

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