Let there be Light

Genesis 1:4 ” And God saw the Light, that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness.”

When the Holy Spirit gives us light we must allow this light to be revealed in us. For through our decision to be born again we have moved toward the light and it is shining within us more brightly as we abide in Christ more and more. Jesus Christ is the Light of this world in this age. Therefore, let us continue to identify with the light and not the darkness. My friend move toward the light, allow the light to stream through you and dispel darkness. 

Daily Prayer: ” Today I will be in the light more and more. I will ignore darkness and it will flee. Father allow Thy light to so shine through me. That Thy Light will so shine through me. O Lord O Lord forgive my ways that have led to darkness. O Lord O lord show me Thy Ways of peace, of consideration, of joy, gentleness and kindness. Allow me to suffer long in Thy waiting.!!! Amen”

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