Growing in Grace

2 Peter 3:18 ” Rather you must grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

          Allow to grow in grace of Christ through seeking greater: Humility, faith and the love of God and others. To comprehend His wounds, why He suffered and how He sacrificed Himself for the many is to grow in humility. Grow in faith through exercising what may be impossible to you, but in God nothing is impossible. Grow in the love of Christ through renouncing self the enemy of God; the anti-Christ: You!!! As you submit yourself in God and repent for your condition you grow in love which is the essence of God. Thus you will love Thy Neighbor in all ways. Learn to grow in grace through these attributes and become more useful in building His kingdom here on earth.

Daily Prayer: ” Today I will renounce self, I will seek Thee in Love and grow in humility knowing you can do all things through me if I grow less and you more. Lord more of Thee and less of me. You are now, have always been and shall always be the God of us all!!!Amen”

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